Helping you put your business plan into action

If you have a plan for your business but are experiencing growing pains making it happen, I can help.

Maybe you’re unsure where to start, or don’t even know if you can afford to make your plan happen;

Perhaps you have lots of ideas but aren’t sure which are the ‘good’ ideas;

Maybe it’s people you need? But you’re not confident on who to hire, when and how;

Perhaps it’s funding, or maybe now isn’t the right time.

There’s more than one thing that can get in the way of your business growing, and if you feel you’ve hit a wall – you’ve got no more time, or resources, or cash but you still want to grow, then let’s make a plan together and see what’s possible.

I can help you to sort out your ideas and solve your frustrations and turn them into financial reality with business by numbers . Ideas are only helpful if going to make money, grow your business, or both. I’m here to help you work out what’s possible, what it will cost (and not just financially, but that too) and guide you through a plan to make those ideas reality in your business.

How the Business by Numbers process works
To work out your ideal business plan, we work through these 5 ‘P’s.



  • Answering the ‘Why’ question in your business.
  • Why are you planning growth in your business? To change something for you – your lifestyle, the work you’re doing, where and when you’re spending your time?
  • To change something for your team – new premises, employing more people, creating engaging opportunities?
  • To change something bigger – change your market, your industry, the way something has always been done?
  • Profit needs a purpose so we need to make sure there’s a ‘reason why’ plan for yours.



  • Are you selling the right things?
  • We’ll look at the products or services you are selling now, have sold, and want to sell. We’ll look at performance, profitability and their potential.



  • Are you charging the right prices for your products?
  • We’ll look at your margins, your costs, and the market opportunities to find the best prices for your products.



  • We’ll review if you’re working in the right
  • Do you need bigger premises, a move, a new location?
  • Do you even need an office…?
  • Where are your customers? Where can you get the right team? We’ll work out where you need to be to make the most of your business.



  • Do you have the right team to grow
  • Need to hire more people? Create new roles? Outsource and see what works? Pay your people more to keep them?
  • We’ll look at who needs to be on your team to help you get the growth you want in your business


In order to present a growth plan, I need to understand the fundamentals of your business finances. So, yes, I’m going to want to see your numbers!

I’d like time with your accountant, and access to all relevant business financial information (of course subject to confidentiality).

I’ll set out your financial accounts in the ‘business by numbers’ format so that they are clear, and have all the detail we need.

The first meeting would be to meet you as the business owner and understand the purpose of your business and what you are planning for the future. The first meeting is to make sure your accounts are accurately reflecting your current position, and to talk through the possibilities for growing your business.

Then would work through the 5 P’s so we’ve covered every angle of your growth plan.

Following this meeting, I can now write up your growth plan which we’ll then walk through together so you’re clear on what actions to take to get your business where you want it.


Once the plan is complete, if it is needed, we can decide to go forwards with putting the plan into action.

If you’d like my help as your ‘FD’ for advice and accountability to keep you on track while you implement, we’ll choose a time frame that works best (3/6/9/12 months) and take it from there. (minimum 3 months). This might involve employing someone for the ongoing work, and for me to support you in finding this person.

How this looks in practice

Produce financial information for the options discussed with you as the client

3 days

Implement any changes needed to be able to get your growth plan started
This depends on how complicated the plan is to implement but minimum 2 days
Ongoing support as needed
Min 2 days


Sally Farrant
Freelance Accountant & Coach at Business Growth by Numbers

07979 815934